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How Psychotherapy Helps in Work and Everyday Life

Helps deal with conflicts at work and build good relationships with colleagues.

Teaches decision-making that can increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

Teaches time management to feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

Helps understand emotions and feelings, building healthy relationships.

Helps cope with stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and confidence.

Teaches self-acceptance, boosting self-esteem and self-respect.

Issues Our Experts Work With

Stress and anxiety

I am troubled by anxious thoughts; I feel anger, disappointment, and helplessness in certain situations.

Self-esteem and personal boundaries

I feel insecure and have lost interest in things I used to enjoy.

Relationships with others

I find it difficult to communicate with people, feeling disconnected and lonely.

Decision-making and motivation

I struggle with decision-making, often delaying it out of fear of making mistakes. I lack confidence in my abilities.


I have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual violence against myself or others.
We will help you understand the direction in which you are facing difficulties and match you with a professional based on your needs.

Complete Anonymity

Your conversations remain strictly between you and your psychotherapist. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is comfortable and confidential.

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Search Through the Catalog
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