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Rozmova helps find the work-life balance, reduce stress levels, and improve emotional resilience.

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Why should you start taking care of psychological support for your employees now?

Indicator of increased motivation among employees.
Indicator of reduced staff turnover.
Indicator of increased productivity.
Return on Investment (ROI) indicator in workplace mental health programs.
+∞ for the brand
Providing psychological support to the team is your competitive advantage in the market and a demonstration of care for employees.

We help people in conflict zones — we have team members living there and those who regularly visit such zones. So, it was crucial for us that everyone has the opportunity to seek support and take care of themselves and learn to cope with this.

I believe that we were very lucky with Rozmova because each team member can choose their psychologist or psychotherapist.

At the same time, the platform's team is flexible and goes out of its way to address all organizational and technical issues.

Daria Zakrevska,
Communication Manager

How Rozmova Works with Businesses

Getting to know you

We help understand your request and the ways to achieve your goal.

Choosing the interaction format

Individual therapy, webinars, lectures, coaching, and more.

Conducting surveys

We conduct surveys, provide monthly reports, and perform health checks to understand the current psychological state of employees.

Moving towards goals

We work on increasing overall productivity, motivation, and preventing burnout in your team.

Business psychologist services for companies

Individual therapy

Private meetings with a selected specialist so that each team member receives the personal support they need.

Lectures, webinars, workshops

Team meetings where you gain practical skills based on your request, such as dealing with stress or maintaining a positive atmosphere at work.


A working tool for personal growth, unlocking potential, and achieving success. Coaching sessions can be team-based or individual.

Support groups

A safe space where colleagues discuss their issues and concerns, share experiences. It's about supporting each other, team building, and solving personal and business problems.

About our specialists

Only 4 of 100 psychologists pass the selection process.

All specialists have a higher education in psychology or medicine, as well as additional certifications in recognized therapeutic approaches.
Psychologists and psychotherapists have mandatory experience of at least 2 years, undergo personal therapy, supervision, and conduct lectures and webinars.

We take care of the mental well-being of our team and support productivity, creativity, and motivation. That's why at thredUP, we prioritize the well-being and psychological comfort of our employees. This allows us to adapt to changing market conditions while maintaining team spirit and effective collaboration.

Thanks to Rozmova for helping our team maintain mental health 🙏

Daryna Shulga,
People Business Partner

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