Let's support the mental health of your team together 💙

Rozmova helps to find that work-life balance, reduce the level of stress and improve emotional stability

Takе care of your team

A meaningful conversation: +1 happy team

Why should you start taking care of your team's psychological health now?

Return on Investment (ROI) in Workplace Mental Health Programs.
An indicator of increasing the level of employee motivation.
The rate of decrease in personnel turnover
to the brand
Providing psychological support to the team is your competitive advantage in the market and a manifestation of caring for employees.

Services for business:

You can choose one or all options at once

Individual therapy

A private meeting with a selected specialist so that each team member gets the personal support they need.

Lectures, webinars, workshops

Team meetings where you will get practical skills at your request. For example, how to cope with stress, overcome crisis situations or maintain an ecological atmosphere at work.

Support group

A safe place where colleagues discuss problems, concerns and share experiences. It's about supporting each other, team building, solving personal and business problems.


A working tool for personal growth, unlocking potential and achieving success. Coaching sessions can be both team and personal – the choice is yours.

How Rozmova works with business

Getting to know each other

We help to understand your request and ways to achieve the goal

Conducting a survey

We provide a health-check questionnaire for your team to understand the current psychological state of the employees

Choosing the format of interaction

Individual therapy, webinars, lectures, coaching, etc

Moving towards the set goals

We work to increase the overall level of productivity, motivation and prevent burnout in your team

Education and experience

All our specialists have higher psychological or medical education, as well as additional certifications in recognized therapeutic approaches

Psychologists and psychotherapists must have at least 2 years of experience in personal therapy, supervision and conducting lectures and webinars

Only 4 out of 100 mental health specialists pass the selection

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